Prospect Research

Research: Nonprofits

Researching new donors/funders for nonprofits. 

Research: Donors

Researching new grantees/nonprofits for donors. 


Excel sheet templates to track donor’s open-close RFP dates, tracking grant wins-and-loses, competitive analysis of like-nonprofits, etc. 

“Wow, I didn’t know this research was available. This is amazing, Travis. We can totally use this!”

– Client

How is Impetus Impact Different?

Keeping our company small to be able to support your robust goals.

Between donor research companies like DonorSearch and Dataro, or fundraising consulting firms like Gail Perry Group and Campbell & Company – what makes Impetus Impact’s prospect research approach different?

  • Smaller company = more personable interaction
  • No AI used in research*

  • Cheaper – No pressured sales, No subscriptions
  • Deliverable based: purchase only the Options you need – nothing more, nothing less

(*Impetus Impact isn’t against AI; we are aware of the potential negative and positive impact/s that AI may have on the industry and world).