Research: Donors

Impetus Impact can support Donors too!

Many donors or foundations donate funds to specific sectors or causes. However, their grantee pool may consist of the same nonprofits each year.

Donors should always be open and excited about the possibility of funding new nonprofits. If so, should the donors wait for organizations to reach out to them for funding?

No. Let’s get switch things around. Donors should go against the grain and reach out to potential grantees.

But how?

Impetus Impact has the ability to research nonprofits that do impactful work in certain sectors. Search criteria can include particular geographic areas, specific time periods of received funding as well as nonprofit’s annual budgets.

This analysis will give donors a better idea of potential grantees to reach out for prospective funding. Expanding a donor’s grantee pool will increase annual pay-out while simultaneously increasing impact with those funds – it’s a win-win!

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