Supporting Nonprofits

Many nonprofits don’t need a newly designed, robust strategic plan for fundraising or a development return on investment analysis, etc. What most organizations need is the basics – a list of donors that are funding in their specific sectors. It may be as simple as that.

If a nonprofit has the breakdown of which donors to go after, then they can take it from there. In other words, use the data analysis from Impetus Impact and reach out to the top donors with the optimism of applying for new funding.

“But, how do I know if a donor has an open/closed application cycle or organizations need to be invited to apply for funding?” you’re asking yourself.

Great question! Impetus Impact can answer these questions for your organization. We can provide grant application open and close dates (if available) as well as contacts at the donor so your organization can make initial contact. We even have a cold email template available.

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Looking for Something More?

While we can write proposals and grants, it isn’t our forte. If you need full grant writing, individual donor strategies, marketing innovations, etc., please reach out to my colleague at Fund Momentum

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