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Top 10 Donors & Competitive Analysis

Option A

  • Donor names
  • Donor funds granted per time period
  • Number of grants given
  • List of nonprofits receiving these funds
  • 30min. Zoom call to review analysis/answer questions


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Complete Competitive Analysis

Option B

  • Competitor nonprofits’ name, mission, target population, annual budget, review ratings, etc. 
  • Competitor donors, when funded and $ received
  • Matrix:  number of donors funding same orgs in certain years. 
  • $ received by each org by year
  • Spreadsheet w/ data + doc of key findings, trends & analysis
  • 1hr Zoom call to review data & potential recommendations


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Donor Contacts

Option C

  • Up to 10 donors for contacts; min. of two, max of four contacts per donor
  • Donor contacts, title, their contact details, LI profile and contact notes
  • Cold email & LI connection templates
  • 30min Zoom call to review materials & recommend next steps


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All Nonprofit Options

For a complete, detailed list of all available Options for nonprofit, download our PDF here. If you don’t see an Option that fits a need of your nonprofit, please reach out.